Purchasing Agent

Depending on powerful capital strength and rich experience,we are able to offer purchasing services for large-scale manufacturing and retail enterprises, as well as commercial service, import and export, logistics service, account settlement and data information processing service.Offer integrated supply chain solution for domestic and overseas clients.

Sales Agent

We are able to offer sales and distribution agent services for manufacturing enterprises, as well as including business handling, logistics service, account settlement and data information processing service. Expand sales channels and increase operating efficiency; Provide one-stop logistics service to meet market demand; Reduce occupation of funds and speed up capital turnover.

Advantage products

We have long-term friendship and cooperation agreement with some excellent manufacturer. In order to keep high quality products,we are always eliminating the supplies with low qualities , and another better ones will be to our contacts. Our company is not only excellent products suppliers, also excellent service providers.The advantages of products for customers are Electronic product,Electric bicycles,Air Compressor and Solar products etc.

Value Added Service

Value Added Service is one of the unique service provided by Cathay Group, which is based on the strong presence of Cathay Group in China, we use our expertise in our industry and in the industries of customers’, to provide professional, comprehensive and personalized solutions to our customers:
-Exhibition Transportation Service
-Project Logistics
-Private baggage
-Dangerous Goods
-Warehouse operation


Any inquiry about the products trading, welcome to contact us .